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Venango's One and only Farm Brewery!

100% Naturally Keg Conditioned, Unfiltered, Farm Brewed Lagers and Ales!

 Estately Farm Brewed since 2006! 

"Approach your day the Sprague way!"


Listen up Libation Lovers!

First of all, Cheers Fellow Spragulars’ we have some amazing news!

After our initial experience with canning, we’ve listened and heard the Spragulars’ voice, and we’ve decided… We’re going bigger, better, and we’re letting YOU, our wonderful friends and patrons decide on what and how you want to take your Spragues’ home! Here’s the deal..

Coming this Halloween, we’re going to be seaming up a canning line of our own, The Sprague Way. We’ll be rockin’ the Deuce! 32 Delicious ounces of canned Sprague’s beer in what we’re dubbing the "SILO" that we’ll fill up with whatever you like on tap, at your request!

Why is this so awesome you may be wondering? This is how it works…

Our new canning machine allows us to fill 32ounce (that’s two pints) cans up with any beer you like, straight from the tap, including seasonal and limited releases. We personally sanitize the cans then fill them up counter pressure style (CO2 is used to purge the cans of any Oxygen insuring that they will stay fresh as long as you can manage to hold out drinking them) and cap them right on sight at the brewery! This means that you are getting the freshest of the fresh beer we have, right out of the tap, every night.

The cans are seamed and sealed, oxygen free, so they won’t go flat and you won’t have to worry about drinking them in a couple days like growlers. If you don’t want the four pints that occupy the interior of a growler, go for the SILO that will keep for months until your thirst outweighs all other priorities. Get as many of you like, of whatever brew you like. If you’re diggin’ the Spraguer Logger but don’t think you want four pints in a growler that night or don’t know when you can make it back to Bierhalla to get that Hellbender or Seasonal that might not be on tap the next week, you can mix and match to insure you have Sprague’s beer when and where you want it! You can always contact us ahead of time if you’re having a party and want lots of different cans, we’ll fill them up ahead of time. Looking for a gift for an out of state friend? We’ll Effin’ can it!

In addition we will be re-opening the original tasting room to celebrate and putting an extra 4 taps in so you can have your choice of whatever 12 beers we have on rotation at a time! That’s approaching the day the Sprague Way if I may say!

Stay tuned for a price list of our current beers and seasonals’ that will be available on Halloween in these monster SILO's! Make sure you’re there to get the first of these wild brews the seasonal won’t last long! There it is friends, we hope you’re on board for our new venture in canning and thanks for all the support and encouragement to keep this canning endeavor moving forward. Cheers!   





At Sprague's we pride ourselves on being one of just a handful of Estate Farm Breweries in the country.  We've been planting, harvesting, floor malting, and kilning estate six row barley since 2011.  We also currently grow four varieties of hops including Magnum, Nugget, Cascade, and Mt. Hood.  We are dedicated to honing our estate beer craft and making improvements every step of the way.  So next time you stop in ask for an Estate beer for a true taste of Venango Pa.  Check out the video below for a quick look at the process!

Brian Sprague Featured Chainsaw Artist Presentation 2015 Ridgeway Rendezvous!


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Sprague Farm and Brew Works is a proud member of the Brewers of PA (www.BrewersofPA.org)


 This Just IN!! 


Looking for a lovely, comfortable place to stay while 

visiting Sprague Farm and Brew Works? 

Why not stay at our accommodating,

 on premise Sleeping Leaf Lodge 




Sprague Farms & Brew Works featured in the 4th Edition of 

"Pennsylvania Breweries

written by Lew Bryson.


Based in Newtown, Bucks County, Mr. Bryson is a prolific writer for a number of drinks publications, including the Malt Advocate, and at his lewbryson.com has links to his blogs, the beery 

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Bands Play From 6pm-9pm

WEDNESDAY!: Jake Banta and Rick!!


MAN UP DAY! Tommy Stine and Juvenile Characteristics!
Saturday Drew Burt and Scott Silvis (Screweese!)

November EnterTainment!

Sprague Farm and Brew Works has won the Brew Master's Award for Excellence  

at the Erie Micro Brew Festival 

three years in a row!

(2009, 2010, and 2011)
See our write-up in Erie Lifestyles Magazine.


Winter Hours!


Thursday 3pm-9pm
Friday 3pm-9
Saturday Noon-9

Bierhalla Kitchen closes at 8:00pm