Feature Brew!



Plowboy Pilsner!

A delicious, light bodied Estate Pilsner



Spraguer Logger

Marzen style lager – A clean crisp amber lager with Crystal and Bravo hops and a rich bready malt backbone.  The presidents favorite beer!

5.9%  ABV            29 IBU’s

Ale Mary

American Wheat Ale with coriander, peppercorns, juniper berries and Orange Peel Very light and drinkable with a nice dry finish

5.25%  ABV          36 IBU’s


I.B.U.D. 59

We like our IPA to be a bit more complex than the West Coast cousins out there and this is our slightly bigger, maltier version of the American IPA with elegant hops that won’t destroy your palate after the first sip  Hints rich dark fruit and caramel.. an IPA the Sprague Way! A fair warning, she's a sneaky mistress...

8.2% ABV             44 IBU’s


Fighting Scotchtoberfest

The Spragulars’ favorite malt bomb! Huge, complex, malty base without being too cloying.

7% ABV                22 IBU’s

 Plowboy Pilsner

That’s right “We Grew It!”  This is our Estate Pilsner brewed with ingredients grown on the farm.  We’re one of a handful of breweries in the country currently producing estate beers, truly something to be proud of.  The barley is grown on the farm, floor malted, and kilned in the basement.  You can see the hop fields right when you pull in! This Pilsner is straight up Estate Of Mind Pilsner Malt and Mt. Hood and Nugget Estate Hops with our house Lager Yeast.  An extended boil time helps to round out the body and provide just a hint of caramelization.  Super simple and clean for the summer heat!

5.4% ABV      45 IBU


Named in honor the giant salamander that lurks in the shallows of French Creek.  This is about as robust as a porter can get!  An Imperial Porter with  huge roasted, chocolaty notes, coffee overtones, a big caramel middle,  assertive hops, and a long lasting finish.   It was the first brew on the farm and a Sprague favorite!

7.5% ABV   55 IBU’s 


Not your typical Amber! This is a big brew, a robust and full bodied Spragular Amber Ale.  Rich,caramelly and assertively hopped. It has a little bit of everything going on and will definitely bring you back for another.  One of our best sellers!

7.5% ABV             35 IBU’s


“Gemutlichkeit”  German for a situation that induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, coziness, and unhurry.  This is a Hefeweizen the Sprague way.  Very subtle notes of banana and Simcoe hops make this a delicious wheat beer to finish off  the summer months. 

5.4% ABV            20 IBU’s



Kick Bock

Sprague’s Malty Spring Dopplebock.  “The beer you want in your face!”  A delicious seasonal Ale

6.5% ABV             25 IBU’s


“We Grew It!”  Our Estate Pale Ale brewed from ingredients grown on the Farm! We’re one of a handful of breweries in the country currently producing Estate Beers.  The barley is grown on the farm, floor malted and kilned in the basement.  You can see the hop fields right when you pull in!

Our Estate of Mind Pilsner and Crystal malt. Estate Magnum, Cascade, and Nugget Hops

Clean, Elegant, Refreshing, and Awesome!

5.6% ABV             55 IBU’s

Spruce Lee

That’s Right,We Grew It!”  Another Estate  Ale brewed with ingredients on the Farm

This is a light ale brewed with spruce tips.  It’s an all day drinker with hints of pine reminiscent of Simcoe Hops so sit back and enjoy while the spruce tips are in full bloom!

Clean, Elegant, Refreshing, and Awesome!

3.8%  ABV            40 IBU’s


Lover’s Logger

A  mostly Estate Lager.. Our Lover’s Lager uses our Estate Of Mind Pilsner malt exclusively for base malt as well as some Aromatic and crystal malts to add a nice malty complexity.  Add a few pounds of Dutch Chocolate and raw Cocoa, throw in some Back Porch hops and an extended lagering period and you have beautifully smooth and drinkable dark lager along the lines of a German Dunkel with a touch of Spragueness we’ve all come to appreciate here at the farm. 

5.9%  ABV            20 IBU’s


Sprague Farm’s Delicious Dunkelweizen! The dark side of the GMash, this is a Dark Wheat Ale with a rich bready backbone, lightly hopped to allow the banana and clove characteristics of the yeast to meld with the smooth caramelly roundness provided by the addition of crystal malts.  This is a complex but smooth and drinkable ale for any time of year so buck up and grab an Effin’ Beer!

5.3%ABV              18IBU’s


ON DECK:   A big old Estate Oktoberfest





Named for the harmless denizen of French Creek!
 Goes great with crayfish!

Aptly named for the President & head beer tester - Mary (Minnie) Sprague

The Rust Belt renaissance begins with your first taste!

Here's a clue what the alphabet's all about....

IBU's = International Bitterness Units

ABV = Alcohol by Volume

IPA = India Pale Ale


A Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale which includes amber rock candy and maple syrup in the brewing process.

A drier finish with just 
a little more "zap"!

This is the beer you want in your face.

The Bock beer with some Kick!

Bountiful Harvest with this ale made with chestnuts, pumpkin, Indian Corn and our own "home-grown" hops

Made with 100 lbs of black raspberries.
Beerish AND berryish in taste.  5% ABV

Subtle...but aggressive!  

An Imperial IPA 

Mug Tippin’ Smooth Sippin’ Neon Silo Kinda Stout

This stout was a major collaboration of untamed brewing ideas, and we are very happy with how it came out. It has a balanced blend of ingredients that allows for a wonderful taste with a velvety smooth finish. It was fermented in bourbon vanilla beans and then brown sugar was added to the batch to give it a wonderful sweet/roasted tone. 

Effin' Beer
We made this "Heffe Dunkel Weizen" to celebrate spring of 2007 in Northwestern PA.  We know what happened to spring...and found the " Dunkel Weizen" label a bit lengthy.  So we decided to morph the name to fit the most often utilized adjective describing April 2007's wonderful weather!


To quote Ben Franklin, "In Beer there is freedom, in wine wisdom, in water there is bacteria." In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 litre of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), a bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop. However, we do not run that risk when drinking beer or wine because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering, and fermenting, etc.

Remember:  Water = POOP Beer = FREEDOM   Wine = WISDOM.  Therefore, it's better to drink beer or wine and talk stupid than to drink water and be full of shit.