Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...
there was a majestic, enormous hall called "Valhalla" (Hall Of The Slain) ruled over by the Norse God Odin.  

Norse Mythology has it Valhalla is where warriors who died in battle ended up, spending eternity drinking and partying with friends and enemies alike.  Basically, a happy place.  

Our little brew pub, aptly dubbed "BIERHALLA" conceptually provides all the benefits of Valhalla, just without the dying part! 
LIFE (and life after life) IS GOOD!

Enjoy Bierhalla - The "Brew Pub" leg  of the Sprague Farm and Brew Works 


We're Open:

Thursdays - 4pm to 9pm 
Fridays - 3pm to 9pm
  Saturdays - Noon to 9pm

Bierhalla Bitchin' Kitchen closes around 8:00pm

Relax and enjoy your favorite Sprague Farm Brew 

(or Pennsylvania Wine) in the rustic atmosphere of a refurbished barn loft, tastefully decorated yet unpretentious.

All of our home-grown brews are available (by glass or growler)
for your enjoyment as well as Pennsylvania Wines.
We do have a tasty, tasty food from the Bitchin' Kitchen
menu, and of course, snacks and treats





Don't forget if you are looking for lodging we do have it available  


 We truly appreciate your patience while we brought "Bierhalla" to life while keeping the Sprague Farm and Brew Works afloat.
To all of those who helped...well...ya'll know who you are and thanks loads!

Thanks for visiting our site!


Brian & Minnie